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This is a very fascinating question/answer for me — given what I just found. As an SEO, we use many tools including SEMRush to gauge how optimized sites are and sometimes to get even better detail than perhaps what SimilarWeb or sites like it can provide. In stark contrast to the statistics shared to the right within Quora (on desktop) for these questions, SEMRush gives us a completely different picture as to what is garnering so many views for Quora.
Using this product for last ten days continuously. It is running smoothly. For 1 TB, one will get 931 GB which is common. Speed varies on types of files, number of files, type of USB port using, System config etc. . For video file of size 2.02 gb , PC to HD speed avg 81 MBPS and from HD to PC avg speed 96 MBPS using USB 3.0 port.
Awesome product, have very good speed. As always on time delivery by flipkart. I'm very happy with it. and those who say speed not as listed just check for USB port it have lower speed for usb2.0 and high speed on usb3.0